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Mattee The MiniGolf Mutts

Golf Dog

Maddie Ladies

Mattee The Minigolf Mutt is a perfect sovenier for the whole family to remember their GREAT vacation in North Myrtle Beach, S.C. at the WORLD FAMOUS Hawaiian Rumble and Hawaiian Village Minigolf Course.  We can personalize them with anything you would like  as well as the color.   The dogs can be your favorite school colors, occupation, charity, course logos. They make a perfect gift for all ages and occasions.  The dogs are made with MINIGOLF  balls, and other items you might find on a minigolf course. You can have the dog mounted on plaque with the perfect message. Course Members can order in bulk for discounted pricing.

Dog Alone $15.00 + shipping

Dog with Plaque $20.00 + shipping

Golf Shirts

Tee Shirt 1

These polo style golf shirts are a perfect addition to any adults wardrobe. They are made of 100% Organic Ring Spun Cotton. Pre-Shrunk golf shirts are lights weight material but still make your pro player tee sharp.

$19.95 per shirt

Golf Caps

                                                                        Pink Hat  White Hat  Black Hat

Designed to fit the head of a Pro! These hats are 2 toned in color and are available in white, pink, and black. They are custom fit for men or women by size of S/M or L/XL with the NU FIT band on the inside.

$12.95 per hat



Paperweights are the perfect gift for any golfer. Made in either frosted of clear glass you can have them mounted to say the perfect personal message.